All about White Lotus

[Free Company]


I hope everyone that joins White Lotus will have a game changing experience. I personally have played MMO's and nothing is better or can compete with having friends to play together with the accomplish things as a group. There are a lot of plans being put in place for us to strive to victory, and be cohesive as a group. The Structure of the Free Company, as well as Linkshells, are about people helping others to progress so we can all function on the same level, and eventually on a whole other level.

I have confidence in White Lotus that we can make things happen. Let things fall into place and ask questions. If we don't know we sure will try our best to find out. No one can do things solo in MMO's so lets learn and work together. The best Free Company's and LinkShells's out there are the ones that have a close knit leader group that will bring things together and make things happen as a whole.

My personal plans for this Free Company is to be "Known" but have a good reputation.

We all gonna be apart the Free Company so that means that name represents us as a whole so please be aware of how you treat other people on the server, it speaks for us as a group. Even if someone is out of line, no need to go overboard to put them in their place. Wear your company name/crest proudly.

I learn from yesterday, live for today and prepare for tomorrow.

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